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About Us

At AllWin Technologies (AWT), we are strategic sourcing specialists, working with global manufacturing and hardware partners to ensure high-quality and competitively priced products with the fastest possible delivery times and lowest possible overall costs.
Currently we mainly supply, but not limited to, the following high-quality, industry certified (such as CE) products:
Coaxial Cables (RG&RF) and Related Connectors,
Electrical Power Wires/Cables, Insulators, Optical Fiber Cables such as OPGW and fittings etc,
Solar Products and
Solar Photovoltaic Cables, Connectors, and Other Accessories,
Their applications can range from wired/wireless communication networks, power utilities, new energy sources such as solar photovoltaic and wind etc.
Precision Machining
Equipments of Installation for Overhead Conductors and OPGW
If requested or applicable, we, together with our partners, can also design and develop any specialized products to meet your particular needs.
We also provide the assembly of Coaxial cables(RG&RF) and connectors

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